A contemporary design with clever construction. These earrings are riveted together with a forged si..


These silver square earrings are such a fabulous adornment. So bold and geometric, yet incredibly li..


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Whimsical and chic these earrings are a fun and organic adornment. Inspired by nature this jewelry l..


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Lovely silver hoops with a geometric edge. Made from sterling silver sheet and silver wire soldered ..


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Lovely and elegant and feather-light, these modern post earrings are a pleasure to wear. The post gi..


A sister to the Brass Batwing and Silver Batwing Earrings, these are a darker and whimsical look for..


A beautiful rendering of the evil eye, these earrings are bold and playful. The pink fresh water pea..


A bold design to add flare to your feminine look. These industrial earrings are feather-light. Handm..


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Oxidized silver hoop earrings with a very large pearl set in a silver cup at the top. Hoops with a p..


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These little beauties are my favorite earrings. Pcking quite a punch for their tiny size, these earr..



A celebrated jeweler working out of Asheville North Carolina, Olivia de Soria creates art-jewelry with a sculptural flare. By reconstituting objects that surround us in the natural and industrial world, Olivia reshapes our environment through her imagination to beget wearable art. Sensuality is the embodiment of her designs which adorn the feminine figure with distinguished style and grace. Olivia’s design process has been extensively influenced by cultural traditions from all over the world. She spent six months in the Persian Gulf doing field research on the history of pearl diving. All of her research and photographs can be seen at www.desoriadesign.blogspot.com. Olivia’s unique and contemporary pearl designs are a direct effect from her first hand experience in a pearl diving country.